EMT-First Responder

resparrestEmergency Medical Technician- First Responders are often the first called and the first persons on the scene of an emergency.  While many are volunteers, their efforts are critical in delivering life-saving first aid to those in need as soon as possible.  EMT-FRs can initiate patient evaluation, and intervene in some cases.  When the ambulance arrives, EMT-FRs assist EMT-Bs and Paramedics in stabilizing the patient and preparing for transport to a health care facility. The skills of an EMT-FR can be life-saving, so the time to get this training is before the emergency occurs!

EMT-First Responders undergo a 56 hour training course, in addition to CPR/Automatic External Defibrillator training, and the Kentucky-required HIV training.  Students completing the course will be tested in skills and in written form by the National Registry and the Kentucky Board of EMS.

Persons wishing to expand their knowledge and training beyond EMT-FR often take an EMT course.