Know How Inc. is a locally-owned company founded with a strong commitment to provide quality pre-hospital education and emergency medical care at affordable cost.  Over the years, Know How has expanded our educational offerings and fine-tuned our original programs. Know How offers industry standard education with a special emphasis on ‘real world’ use of skills.

From entry-level CPR courses to the highly customized and unique EMTO Program, Know How has set the pace for pre-hospital education and programs.  Our organization is currently accredited as an Educational Institution for the Kentucky Board of EMS, and is authorized to provide:

  • EMT Basic education
  • EMT-First Responder education
  • EMT-Paramedic Critical Care education
  • Advanced EMT training
  • Continuing Education for all levels
  • American Heart Association CPR/AED, ACLS, PALS, and NALS
  • National Safety Council CPR/AED/First Aid.
  • The Difficult Airway Course for EMSTM

Know How also has created several unique programs, expanding the opportunity for expanding your education in the field of emergency care.

  • Critical Care Endorsement Program
  • Emergency Department Technician Course
  • Hospital Volunteer Education
  • HIV/AIDS education for all healthcare providers (Required of ALL Kentucky healthcare providers)

We are fully accredited by the Kentucky Board of EMS, the Kentucky Cabinet for Health Services, the Kentucky Safety and Health Network, the American Heart Association, the National Safety Council, and Greater Louisville Inc.

Know How has a long-serving staff of experienced prehospital providers and educators who collectively have over 130 years of prehospital care experience.  Since 1993, we have conducted classes based in real-world application of knowledge and skills.  Combined with active Medical Direction by a Board Certified Emergency Medicine Physician, Know How sets the pace for prehospital education programs!